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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency eye care can mean the difference between potentially saving your vision or losing it. Our skilled optometrists in Mansfield, Fort Worth, DeSoto, and Cedar Hill, Texas are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye emergencies. 

From foreign bodies in the eye to eye infections, injuries, and sudden vision loss, we’ll help you prevent further damage and protect your vision. While some emergencies call for a trip to the emergency room, optometrists are often better equipped to handle the situation. 

Steps to take during an eye emergency   

When dealing with an eye emergency, follow these steps to avoid making it worse:    

  • Stay calm and avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent further damage or the spread of germs, bacteria, or infections.  
  • If you have an object in your eye, try to cover it with a sterile gauze pad or cloth to prevent further injury. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself.  
  • If you get chemicals in your eyes, flush your eyes for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Make sure to remove contact lenses if you wear them and don’t put them back in until an eye care professional says it is ok to do so.  
  • To prevent swelling around your eye after an injury, apply a cold compress. Gently apply the compress to your eyes to avoid irritation.    
  • Avoid driving if you are experiencing an eye emergency or vision problems.   


Eye emergencies require quick treatment to avoid the risk of permanent damage or vision loss. If you’re currently experiencing an eye emergency, please call us immediately for an emergency eye exam in Mansfield, Fort Worth, DeSoto, or Cedar Hill.